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The Power of Data: Leveraging Pay Hero’s analytics for business Insights

Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners often say, “Using data and analytics is like trying to rescue a piano from a burning room. It’s nice to have, but there are other priorities.” However, data and analytics have become essential tools for organizations, helping them understand consumer needs in granular detail to maximize product and service sales. These tools enable organizations to anticipate customer needs, often before consumers themselves are aware, providing a significant competitive advantage.

Despite widespread adoption by larger organizations, data and analytics remain an afterthought for many SMEs due to perceived costs. Traditional analytics frameworks often require experts to set up data warehouses, pipelines, and dashboards, making it seem more practical for SMEs to focus on operational activities rather than investing in data analysis to understand underlying trends.

At PayHero, we aim to change this mindset. We offer analytics as a core component of our payments infrastructure to help SMEs better understand their financial trends and customer behaviors. By providing context through analytics and business intelligence (BI), we streamline operations and enable SMEs to make data-driven decisions, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy.

As Clive Humby famously said, “Data is the new oil.” Join us at PayHero as we strive to make analytics accessible to SMEs, empowering them to harness the power of data for better decision-making.

Written by: Vincent Ogunde. Senior Data & IoT Integration Engineer at Autochek Africa.

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