Lipwa By Pay Hero

Simplifying Payments for Businesses Everywhere

Lipwa by Pay Hero simplifies payment management for businesses. Receive payments directly to your Paybill, Till, or Bank account without manual intervention. Request MPESA payments from clients on the go and track statuses in real-time. Streamline payment processes in industries like matatu, hospitality, or retail. Enjoy instant payment confirmations and join the future of payment management with Lipwa.

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How Lipwa app works!

With the Lipwa app, your business staff can easily initiate MPESA prompts to your customers and easily get instant payment confirmations, eliminating the need for manual payment confirmation from customer MPESA messages. Funds are directly settled in your linked pay bill number, till number or bank account. Below is a list of some of the businesses that can benefit from the Lipwa app.

Payments In

Hotels and Restaurants

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Payments In

Petrol Stations

petrol station mobile payment
Bus Fare Payments

Matatu Operators

bus fare mobile payment
Payments In


in-store mobile payments
Payments In

Delivery Business

delivery mesa payment
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Schools And Hospitals

Run your business bila hustle!

Simplify your financial operations and receive payments effortlessly with just one link to your Bank, MPESA Paybill, or Till.

Say goodbye to manual payment hassles! Pay Hero digitizes and automates mobile payments for businesses, making transactions a breeze.

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